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Why Use Coupons


Coupons are one of the most powerful means of converting your community members into loyal students and customers. If you’ve ever used coupons at a grocery store, you’ll know how it works. Coupons do the same thing that money does – pay for your items, in part or in full. 

There are now digital or electronic coupons, and coupons are mostly used in their digital form, especially for online course creators. In this lesson, we’re looking at why you should use coupons in your online course business. 

What are Coupons?

They are offers, promotions, and discounts by course creators to their existing or prospective students. 

Coupons are made to attract students and encourage them to purchase online courses on websites, emails, YouTube, etc. 

These coupons come mostly in coupon codes, the fastest and easiest for students to complete at their point of sale. For example, A course creator can send out emails offering 30% off their course for anyone who uses the code FH3 during checkout or at the point of sale. 

Sometimes, these coupons come in the form of automatic discounts at checkouts. For example, A course creator may offer 10% discounts on a course for three days. Those who purchase the course within that period will enjoy the discount. 

They can come in the form of gifts. E.g., free gift for orders over $50, or in the form of a fixed price, e.g., Get a 40% discount for offers over $200.

Potential problems online course teachers could face if they don’t use coupons:

  • Getting students to buy your course may be a challenge
  • It may be harder to create awareness for your business without coupons
  • It may take a longer time to convert your visitors to loyal students
  • You may not drive sales for your courses or reach your target goals on time
  • It may affect the overall growth of your business

Why Use Coupons?

  • Coupons let you offer discounted prices to student prospects. They can be used on YouTube, email, websites, and more.
  • Also, you can use coupon offers for awareness when other companies send discount emails for summer, holidays, father’s day, etc.
  • You can use coupons to meet your sales goals. If your target is to sell one hundred courses in three months, using coupons to sell at a discounted rate can help you drive more sales and smash your goal!
  • You can use coupons to convert website visitors, YouTube, etc., viewers to loyal students and customers.
  • Finally, coupons combined with affiliate codes can help drive sales by having other companies send customers to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coupons

Wise and smart students can save money by using coupons to purchase online courses. They tend to buy more items, get value for their money and enjoy discounted courses.

Frequent discounts and special offers can encourage students to buy courses from you instead of competitor online teachers. They effectively create repeat students who always come back to check for these offers.

Coupons help online course teachers sell faster, increase sales volume, convert loyal customers and outshine competitors. You can be top on the students’ shopping list for your course with discounts.

Summary – Why Use Coupons

Coupons are a great resource, and customers appreciate them. Now that you know more about coupons, you should use them in your online course business. However, it is important to create a positive experience for customers when they use coupons. Show them that you value their time by helping them redeem their coupons happily and with a smile. Never make customers feel like they are causing an inconvenience by using a coupon. 

The following tips can help while using coupons for your online courses:

  • Always have an expiry date for your coupons. This gives your students a sense of urgency, so they have to act fast
  • State clear limitations. For example, you can state that this coupon applies online to ‘the introduction to photography’ course and not ‘the basics of kitchen photography’
  • Make the coupon number or code very bold and conspicuous. That’s the first thing customers want to see 
  • Make your coupons easy to redeem. Once students go through a lot of hoops to redeem a coupon, they will give up, and this will do more harm than good

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