Technical Operations Services

Engineers verifying teacher website and providing support

We’ll Keep Your Businesses Running And Students Happy

We provide technical operations services to help you maintain your course, community, and teacher websites. We’ll keep your money machine running smoothly while you focus on creating new content and growing your business.

Run your training business on autopilot mode! Let our e-learning experts do your monitoring, checking, backing up, updating, and optimizing all your critical systems.

Tech Operations Help

Course Technology Maintenance Plan

Let us handle all your platform updates and configurations to keep your online course platform working perfectly. We maintain your security, new settings, mail, integrations, attachments, links, analytics, payments, and more.

Tech support for online course or community.

Student Tech Support Plan

Get help with many of your common student questions so your business runs automatically. We handle issues including access, passwords, browsers, videos, billing, discussions, resources, communities, and more.

Community of students and experts talking in person and online.

Community Technology Maintenance Plan

We can help your student community platform stay up and run perfectly every month so you can support your students and grow your revenue instead of dealing with technical updates, integrations, and problems.

Web design, HTML, javascript development and support

Teacher Website Tech Maintenance Plan

We can help your main teacher or expert company website stay up and run perfectly every month so you can share your expertise and grow revenue instead of dealing with technical updates, integrations, and problems.

Course Operations To Do List

Stop Trying To Do It All

  • Wasting time on HTML & servers
  • Losing sales with errors
  • Disappointed student reviews
  • Complex student experience
  • Services are sometimes not available
  • System has bugs and not updated

Focused on Creative Teachers

We specialize in helping creative professionals achieve their business dreams without being limited by technology. We love what you do and respect your how you think and steps you take to ultimately create your best work. We'll help your stuff look even more awesome while you spend less time messing with your systems. See more industries


Illustrators, 2D, 3D, Architects, Floral


Paper, Wood, Artisans, Industrial, STEAM


Design, Sewing, Costumers, Beauty, Body Art


Poets, Fiction, Reference, Journalists, Copywriters


Musicians, Actors, Singers, Dancers


Photo, Lighting, Audio, Video, Sets

We’ll Take Care Of Your Systems and Students While You Create

Save Time To Create And Grow
Insure Sales & Payment Works
Lessons, Video & Content Checks
Remove Bugs With System Updates
Verify Emails Are Delivered
Get HTML, Web, and Server Help
Monitoring Availability & Performance
Optimized Student Experience
Avoid Refunds To Maximize Profits
Keep Secure And Backed Up

Supported Platforms

We support Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, WordPress, Circle, Podia, and other leading course, community, and website systems.

Our team is continuously using, configuring, and researching top Learning Management Systems (LMS). We know about upcoming features and changes before most people, so we can make your systems rock 🤘 like the best of the best. See more supported platforms.

Our Tech Superpowers

Our expert team is gifted with (logical) left-brain technical skills to perfectly complement ☯ all your (creative) right-brain endeavors.   We're a crew of interactive developers, technicians, consultants, and analysts that love ❤️ learning.

Every year, we help visionary leaders deliver amazing experiences at scale without being limited by technology.


Software, Servers, HTML Design, Customization, Integrations


Curriculum, Lessons, Multimedia, Quizzes, Communities


Planning, Validation, Audits, Reviews, Problems, Opportunities

What Clients Are Saying

Look how online teachers and coaches are raving about us after we've helped them level up their creative training businesses. See more.

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Getting help creating an online course

What We Do

Here are some of the many things that we’ll regularly monitor, check, backup, update, and optimize:

  • Check that sales pages are available and payments are working
  • Check that curriculum, lessons, videos, and resources work
  • Verify emails, discussions, and messages work
  • Optimize all settings, configurations, labels, and options
  • Keep systems updated, bug-free, and secure
  • And much more…

How We Roll

Before we partner up, you should be aware of our C.O.R.E values - Careful, Open-Minded, Reliable, and Ethical.  We use these guiding 🧭 words to hire our team, do our work, and check our quality. So don't ask us for any shady stuff and we won't send you half-ass work.


Detailed, Clear, Documented, Check Ins, Verified


Flexible, Positive, Curious, Diverse, Innovative


On Time, Proactive, Experienced, Trusted


Fair, Transparent, Honest, Long-Term, Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

We support Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, Learndash, and other major platforms.

Once an order is placed, we will talk over email and/or Zoom as well as use a private questionnaire to collect course info. Depending on your platform and plan, we may recommend using a separate limited helper role that does not have full administrator rights. We will also support browser extension password managers where we will never see the actual password.

Of course! We’ll provide updates when we get or discover a problem, and we’ll provide you updates until each issue is resolved.

We speak and write perfect U.S. based English. Ask us about your course business to try us out.

We are located in North America.

Of course, you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts. You can log in and cancel, send an email, or submit a ticket.

We are so confident that you will like our service that we guarantee satisfaction. There is no risk. If you aren’t 100% happy with our service, just let us know within 30 days of starting, and we’ll provide you with a full refund.

We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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If you still have a few questions, let's talk about it. First, you'll get a sense about our expertise and easy-going style. Then, we'll talk about your challenges and goals. Finally, we'll brainstorm on a few options to level up your business.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can seriously count on us to not suck! 😓 We're knowledgeable, careful, reliable, and ethical techies.

Our 100% Expert Partner Guarantee insures that if you're not happy with the quality of our service in the first 30 days, just write us a note explaining what went wrong, and we'll provide you a full refund.

Most Popular Services

We can help you automate your online courses, scale your community, and insure your website is up 24×7.

These are our two most frequently requested technical support services by creative online teachers and professionals.

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