Tech Services – Service Level Agreement


  1. Work may be delivered over real-time or messaging apps, email, and accepted file formats (see File Sharing)
  2. When coming up with plan, we may identify tasks that are better for other people like copywriting, graphics design, course content, sales calls, or others

Set Ups

  1. We will test on desktop, tablet, and handheld mobile view
  2. We may not be able to create/edit/fix content text that requires industry knowledge and skills


  1. Some maintenance may happen throughout your business hours
  2. Some maintenance may include work that temporarily makes your systems unavailable


  1. Fixes can be submitted by email or web form
  2. Fixes may take a few minutes to a few days or weeks depending on the complexity. In some cases, we may work with system vendors to solve the problem
  3. We limit our enhancements by tier, so once you reach your limit, we need to finish one to start a new one


  1. Enhancements are new features, changes, or capabilities
  2. Can be made to production site or to test sites
  3. We try to find the balance between testing and delivery time, sometimes additional testing is required
  4. Tiers limit the number of new enhancements
  5. Tiers may limit releasing new enhancements using a “sprint” release schedule (like every 2 weeks)


  1. Audits issue grading may vary with test or between testers
  2. Our content audits focus on what generic students, prospects think and may find problematic
  3. Our tech audits help you identify configurations issues and recommended settings for the majority


  1. Some optimizations may require a full analysis
  2. Different approaches for optimizations may impact time, benefits, costs
  3. Some optimizations may require paying for different vendors or higher-tiered 3rd party plans
  4. Optimizations may require different lengths of time to measure and validate improvements


  1. We don’t usually work on weekends unless the issue is critical like an outage
  2. We don’t work on U.S. Holidays and some World Holidays
  3. We may periodically take days off for sick days
  4. Our team may take 1 to 2 week vacations but usually provide backups to cover your work during this time
  5. Scope changes usually push back delivery dates and may affect initial quality
  6. We may not be able to deliver if dependencies like content or assets are missing


  1. We support Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, LearnDash
  2. We can help with MasterClass, SkillShare, Udemy
  3. We support Podia, Circle, MightyNetworks,
  4. We support WordPress, Wix, Squarespace
  5. We support MailChimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, SendGrid
  6. We support Asana, Trello, Clickup, Notion, Monday, Wrike, Basecamp, and Jira

File Sharing

  1. We support email, Google Drive, Dropbox,, Vimeo, Wistia, FTP, One Drive, Teams
  2. We support Google Docs, Sheets, Slides; Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  3. We support a variety of ways to transfer and store credentials including LastPass, DashLane
  4. We don’t print or fax documents, it’s bad for the earth, slow, and old-school


  1. We support email, loom, zoom, teams, google meet
  2. We support tickets via web form and email
  3. Depending on your plan we have different response times
  4. Response times may initiate acknowledgment of work, but do not guarantee resolution time
  5. Please provide feedback and share problems as soon as possible


  1. We usually pre-schedule meetings via calendar invites or use meeting planning software like Calendly
  2. Maximum 1 meeting per day
  3. Maximum 1 hour length any meeting
  4. Meetings can use a zoom or another service listed in our Communications section
  5. If you don’t show up to your meeting or do a proper decline/reschedule, it counts as one of your meetings
  6. We may skip or reschedule meetings around certain holidays


  1. We are a US Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  2. We do not sign non-competition agreements (NCAs)
  3. If necessary we can sign our non-disclosure agreement (NDAs)
  4. We do not work exclusively for you and we may work with similar clients
  5. We have ethics, respect Intellectual Property, and follow the law 100%
  6. Don’t steal our workers or customers


  1. We use HTTPS, SSL for secure transactions
  2. We use Stripe, the credit card payments world leader, as our main payment processor
  3. You can stop using the service at any point
  4. We may change our prices at any time
  5. We provide a guarantee with a 100% refund of first-time payments for new customers for 1st month