New Project Technology Help

We’ll Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Creative teachers and coaches can build their dream training business with our technical expertise.

We’ll help you with Planning, Building, Maintaining, Troubleshooting, Analyzing, and Optimizing.

You can finally launch your online course academy, membership communities, and coaching websites.

We can take your idea and make it a reality by helping you with every step of technology along the way. This includes things like choosing your vendors, creating a user-friendly design, making sure your content looks amazing, creating converting sales pages that work on desktop and mobile, setting up payments and reporting, sending customer onboarding and marketing emails, providing customer support options, and much much more.

After launching your project, we’d love to stay around to help you with regular maintenance, troubleshooting problems, analyzing opportunities, and optimizing for better results.

With our tech partnership, you will have reliable systems and support so that you can create more content and focus on growing your business.

Video Overview

Watch how you can start or expand your training business by partnering with our technical experts.

What’s Included?

Here some of many the technical things that we do on new e-learning and coaching projects.


  • Map goals into technical specifications
  • Identify best vendors for your needs
  • Figure out growth roadmap to scale in phases
  • Feedback on visual design and content
  • Coach through challenges with best practices


  • Build new courses
  • Build new community
  • Build new website
  • Set up hosting, DNS, subdomains
  • Set up new email, payment, and analytics


  • Monitor all your systems for availability
  • Test all your pages
  • Update all your systems, plugins
  • Keep backups and change logs
  • Secure and protect your platform


  • Fix system problems
  • Student tech support
  • Identify root causes
  • Work with system vendors
  • Quick response times


  • Check your SEO and discoverability
  • Identify sales page problems
  • Analyze your learning experience
  • Find problems with technical settings
  • Review your support and satisfaction


  • Increase performance & speed
  • Enhance user experience
  • Increase profits & repeat customers
  • Save time and money with automations
  • Decrease refunds and complaints

Who's This For?

  • Creative professionals who run training or coaching businesses
  • Companies offering Online Courses, Communities, and Coaching Websites
  • Non-technical owners with limited coding, database, and server skills
  • Industries like Design, Making, Fashion, Writing, Performing, or A/V
  • Busy leaders who need to Save Time, Move Faster, and Improve Results

Struggling With No Tech Skills?

We'll translate everyday English to Geek and take care of all your technical work.

Supported Platforms

We support Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, WordPress, Circle, Podia, and other leading course, community, and website systems.

Our team is continuously using, configuring, and researching top Learning Management Systems (LMS). We know about upcoming features and changes before most people, so we can make your systems rock 🤘 like the best of the best. See more supported platforms.

How Does It Work?

You’ll work with us to transform your creative vision into a sophisticated money-making system. We’ll use agile project management techniques to break all your work into 6 essential stages – Planning, Building, Maintaining, Troubleshooting, Analyzing, and Optimizing. In the end, you will have a new service and the operational tools and support to run and grow your business.

1) Plan and Build

First, we’ll team up to research, validate, plan, document, build, test, and successfully launch your new project.

2) Maintain & Fix

Next, we’ll help you with periodic maintenance and troubleshooting while also supporting your daily operations.

3) Analyze & Optimize

Finally, we’ll analyze and optimize your systems to improve business results for SEO, Sales, Customer Experience, and Profitability.

Stop Wasting Your Time

Focus on the things only you can do, and let our reliable experts care for your systems.

What Clients Are Saying

Look how online teachers and coaches are raving about us after we've helped them level up their creative training businesses. See more.

Move To The Next Level Faster

You can build and launch your service faster with our expert e-learning technicians and processes.

Save money by avoiding large mistakes and grow your revenues to accelerate business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help creative teachers with technology to create new projects such as online courses, membership communities, and coaching websites. This service focuses on Planning, Building, and Launching a new e-Learning offering.

We help creative teachers that need help with technology for their courses, communities, and websites. These are professionals that are usually very busy creating or serving their customers and have limited technical skills.

First, we’ll talk about your goals and challenges and make sure we are a good fit with our skills and style. Secondly, we’ll do a discovery session to identify the steps and gaps to make your vision a reality. Finally, we’ll present an assessment and proposal with different solution options.

Yes, we’ll assign you a dedicated project manager, senior engineer, and technician. You may also interact with a few shared resources like our account manager, creative professionals, quality assurance, and administrative helpers.

We’ll get started right away, but remember professional projects go through a development process to get through planning, requirements, design, development, testing, reviews, etc.

Yes, your information will not be shared or sold to anyone. This includes email addresses, your course info, content, videos, images, documents, and assets. All data submitted is protected under copyright and intellectual property laws.

Yes! We’re so confident in our services that we offer a 100% Expert Partner guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our work, care, communications, or skills in the first 30 days, just send us a note explaining what went wrong and we’ll provide you a full refund.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can seriously count on us to not suck! 😓 We're knowledgeable, careful, reliable, and ethical techies.

Our 100% Expert Partner Guarantee insures that if you're not happy with the quality of our service in the first 30 days, just write us a note explaining what went wrong, and we'll provide you a full refund.

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