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Our Favorite Service Helpers

These are our favorite people to help get some things done when you need an expert.

  • ArtfulContracts – Really helpful legal docs and templates to help course creators with terms, conditions, disclaimers, GDPR. Nice balance between readable and protecting your business. Knows how to explain legal concepts in basic English. Great demeanor.
  • ProofMango – Professional editor for course sales pages, scripts, decks, class materials. A lovely person with a friendly can do work attitude. Also has a helpful blog newsletter with writing tips.
  • Samuel Hatton – Marketing expert on go to market strategy and ad skills. Ultra positive and can help you bridge to your future goals. Knows advertising, courses, SEO, campaigns, automation, strategy, scaling up, and more.
  • Dream Studio – Smart cool team that helps creatives setup their online course studios for filming. He helps you with camera angles, tripods, lighting, your personal background, props and more.

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Our Tech On Demand services help creative professionals who teach with everything technical.

Business owners can have their tech work 100%, use free time to create, and grow with real results.

This includes technical help planning, setting up, maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing, and optimizing all your online courses, membership communities, and coaching websites.

creative professional planning a course with consultant


Turn your vision into steps and technical blueprint

Set Up

Configure, upload, and launch your new products & services

analysts reviewing tech platform as part of maintenance plan


Monitor, check, update, backup, and secure your systems


Fix platform issues and student tech-support problems

analysts reviewing tech platform as part of maintenance plan


Audit your sales pages, content experience, and configurations

creative professional planning a course with consultant


Get better results by using tech to grow revenues and reduce costs

Help Made Specifically for Creative Teachers

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