Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our services and working together.

About Artsy Course Experts

We help creative teachers that need help with tech for their courses, communities, and websites. These are professionals that are usually very busy creating or serving their customers and have limited technical skills.

We help creatives with their tech work for their online courses, communities, and teacher websites. Oh, we also help creatives with tips through our blog, socials, youtube, podcast, and resources.

Yes, we focus exclusively on creative clients that teach or have communities around topics like: Design, Making, Fashion, Writing, Performance, and Audio/Visual.

Our expertise revolves around technology, structured e-learning, and analysis. Our technology skills include software, servers, HTML customizations, and integrations. Our e-learning skills include curriculums, lessons, multimedia, and engagement. Our analysis includes planning, audits, processes, and growth strategies.

Our guiding C.O.R.E. values are built on being Careful, Open-Minded, Reliable, and Ethical. These words describe how we do our work, review our quality, and make important decisions.

Totally. Access About Us

Our Services

We provide monthly Tech on Demand services where we help creative teachers with technical planning, set ups, maintenance, troubleshooting, analysis, and enhancements.

We support Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, WordPress LearnDash, Podia, MightyNetworks,, and other popular course, community, and website systems.

Yes, we provide coaching to help you plan and grow your business. We can help you convert your vision into realistic stages via a roadmap and then create a technical blue print to achieve your goals.

Yes, we can help you set up, configure, and launch your new course, community, or website. We’ll work with you to gather up all the content and assets, then we’ll assemble, code, configure, connect, test, and launch.

Yes, we can investigate your problems without affecting production systems. We’ll fix the problem, document, test, and deploy the patch.

Yes, we provide detailed analysis to help you with your student experience, website customer experience, community member experience, technical settings, sales page conversions, and identify business growth opportunities.

Yes, we can take your requirements and figure out the technical steps to develop, test, and deploy new features.

Planning Your Technology

Yes, we can help you brainstorm on how to improve your creative training business by discussing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats around your systems, content, data, procedures, and automation.

Yes, we can help turn your business plan to life by figuring out all the best vendors to use as well as how to connect them and configure them to achieve your business objectives.

Yes, we can help you research and create a phased technical roadmap for your training business as you level up your features and capabilities.

Yes, we can help you figure out the right platforms to use at each stage so that you can manage your costs while still providing great features as your revenues rise.

Setting Up New Platforms

Yes, we can help you set up your new course by configuring the theme, sales page, curriculum, course content like text, videos, images, course settings, resources like PDFs, quizzes, email, payments, and lots more.

Yes, we can help you set up your new community by configuring the theme, sales page, rooms, user roles, content, settings, resources, email, payments, and lots more.

Yes, we can help you set up your new website by configuring the theme, pages, header menu, footer, plugins, store, blog, email, payments, and lots more.

Yes, we can help configure your domains and urls with www and without www for your website, course, and community. We can also help you with things like redirects, email, and google analytics.

Yes we can also help you set up other systems like email, payments, analytics, meetings, and webinars.

Maintaining Systems

Yes, we use tools and also manually check your systems to make sure they are working every day.

Yes, we make data backups of settings and also grab screenshots so that we can go back to an old version if something happens or detect undesired changes.

Yes – Big Time! We’ll be looking at HTTPS, firewalls, logs, software bugs, hacker attempts, unwanted users, administration URLs, and dozens of other things.

Yes! We’ll make sure that your systems are running the latest software versions so that it will have all the best features, least amount of bugs, and known security issues addressed.

Yes. We make sure that all your systems are actually working by logging in, clicking the navigation, making sure your theme works, checking your text, images, and video, and more.

Troubleshooting Software

Yes, we fix problems that you have with your course, community, or teacher website.

Yes, we can help your students with accessing your system, content, videos, and more. We’ll even work directly with your students if you like.

Yes, if necessary, we’ll work with your platform or software vendor in order to debug and fix your problem.

Most customers submit tickets via web form or email. This allows customers to submit all the details. We may end up asking more questions or begin triaging the problem.

Yes, of course! We’ll first document the problem, research solutions, fix on a test or production environment, then we’ll fully deploy the fix, and finally we’ll writeup some notes so you avoid the problem in the future.

Analysis & Enhancements

Yes, we can analyze the search content and settings for you system to make sure you maximize the chances of being found by search engines.

Yes, we will analyze your sales pages to make sure they have essential elements like benefits, pain, testimonials, guarantees, and multiple Call To Actions. We will also review all text, design choices, and links.

Yes, we can provide technical audits of each of your platforms to analyze all your technical settings and suggest optimizations to make the system more user friendly, faster, reliable, and secure.

Yes, we can analyze your entire service from the user’s point of view. This includes everything from sales, onboarding, navigation, common use cases, support, and more.

Yes, we can be your development shop to implement new features or enhancements. We go through a full process to research, design, document, develop, test, and deploy enhancements.

Each plan has a maximum number of enhancements that can be in progress at the same time. Once each enhancement has been completed, you can begin on the next idea whether small or ginormous.

New Engagements & Onboarding

First, you will get an email confirmation and receipt. Secondly, our team is notified about your order and an expert is assigned to your service. Thirdly, we start welcoming you and collecting more information about your goals and challenges using email, surveys, and zoom.

We’ll use Calendly and email to figure out our first meeting.  At that first meeting, we will work out a custom schedule that works for both of us.  This includes figuring out the days of the week, time to meet, time zones, duration, and recurring frequency. We may also set up a calendar reminder to provide reminders, block out time, and make it easy to reschedule/cancel sessions.

We provide client quotes on our Testimonials page. We don’t provide references to protect our client’s time and protect them from vendors. We suggest that new clients try a small low-risk service first, to learn about our approach, skills, and quality.

Yes, you completely own all courses, content, and creative work. We are a work-for-hire to help you create, grow, and operate your courses, communities, and websites.

We do not sign Non-Disclosure Agreements or Non-Compete agreements with our clients. If you prefer, we can work together after you have publically declared your unique offering.

We’re really care about security! Here are some of the things we use – SSL, HTTPS, Certificates, Password Managers like LastPass, DashLane, Firewalls, Attack reports by who and country, Antivirus software, Limit access only to those required, Avoid Weak passwords, Specify users by rights and roles.

Payments & Cancellations

We accept payments from the following Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. All transactions utilize Secure HTTPS SSL protocol. We use Stripe as our payment processor for single payments and subscriptions because they are the most advanced, flexible, and secure platform.

Yes, we use HTTPS, SSL, use the leading payment provider Stripe, as well as the security benefits provided by major credit card companies. Transaction invoices will also use our company’s name or short name. To be extra safe, if you are working from a hotel, airport, library, or cafe check that your browser address uses https protocol with the s for secure.

Our Tech On Demand service is a monthly fixed price whether you need a little bit of help or a lot. We do offer 3 tiers (think Small, Medium, Large) depending on how much work you need.

Sorry, we don’t accept equity or profit sharing for payment since that is a complex and heavy weight financial and legal endeavor.

Yes! Of course, you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts. You can log in and cancel, send an email, or submit a ticket.

Yes! We’re so confident in our services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our work, care, communications, or skills, just let us know within the first month and we’ll provide you with a full refund.

Sure, just send us request and we can upgrade or downgrade a recurring service plan.

If you have multiple sites, courses, or communities, then each one would be under a unique plan. This allows you to have a customized selection of types of services with different tier levels across all your systems.

Our Work Process

We will use LastPass and related secure authentication browser extensions to enter your user name and password. These systems let you specify and share your credentials with us, and we just let the plugin provide the data without us viewing it. At any point, you can revoke our access or change your credentials.

You can send large files to us using online links to your google drive, dropbox, teams, or similar cloud sharing tools. You can also share videos from wistia, vimeo, vidyard, zoom, loom, etc. If you are sending a bunch of directories or files, using a .zip file archive can not only compress the files but group them into a single file.

Yes, we can open adobe files, images, svgs, pdfs, audio, music, videos, fonts, and more. We can also work with you or online services to convert files if you allow that. In some cases, we try not to convert files using internet tools to avoid sharing our original files.

Yes, your information will not be shared or sold to anyone. This includes email addresses, your course info, content, videos, images, documents, and assets. All data submitted is protected under copyright and intellectual property laws.

New work is reviewed as tickets, problems, and issues come in. While we do have larger teams available during the week during business hours, we still provide prioritized support during the early mornings, late evenings, and weekends. Across all our clients, we prioritize outages and critical errors over enhancements and review work.

We’ll always try to keep the majority of your system working for your customers. If we are going to do major surgery, then we may utilize a temporary down page while we perform our work. In addition, we will do more complex work during off hours like overnight instead of normal day hours for your customers.

The audits will occur at various times of the week and day. If we ever need to apply updates or patches, we will do those during the early morning or late evening to reduce any downtime for your students.

Have Other Questions?

If you can’t find your question or answer, just ask us your exact question. We’re more than happy to chat with creative business owners.

Our Main Services

Our Tech On Demand plan helps creative business owners with everything technical so they can get back to creating and stop wasting time on technology.

This includes technical help planning, setting up, maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing, and enhancing all your courses, communities, and websites.

creative professional planning a course with consultant


Turn your vision into steps and technical blueprint

Set Up

Configure, upload, and launch your new products & services

analysts reviewing tech platform as part of maintenance plan


Monitor, check, update, backup, and secure your systems


Fix platform issues and student tech-support problems

analysts reviewing tech platform as part of maintenance plan


Audit your sales pages, content experience, and configurations

creative professional planning a course with consultant


Get better results by using tech to grow revenues and reduce costs