Course Content Services

Course content services

We provide content services to help you build the best course, materials, and media. This will not only create happy students, but will also create customers that write great reviews and ultimately get you more sales.

Review Class Like A Student Analysis

Verify that your new class is working well by having us take your class and report on any issues during every stage including sales page, signing up, logging in, taking classes, reviewing study guides, completing surveys, and leaving a review.

Course Curriculum Analysis

Create the best course outline using the right names, descriptions, lessons, previews, quizzes, and course materials. Prospects often scan the outline before making a purchase, so offering a solid curriculum is critical for course sales.

Workbooks & Study Guides Analysis

We can help you review all your course materials to make sure your content is professional, easy to understand, and error-proof.

Student Community Analysis

Check that your students or members can get into your community and perform all the key functions like log in, browse discussion topics, ask questions, leave comments, and get email notifications.