Analyze Free or Paid Membership Community

Increase Your Recurring Membership Revenue

Your course community is essential for pre-sales and post-sales. It keeps your students engaged and can drive recurring revenues. We can help analyze your community to verify it is working, easy to use, and is structured well for maximum student experience. This analysis will include a broad report about every aspect of your membership community.

Who Is This For?

  • Solo creators and entrepreneurs that need feedback
  • Few or no real customers are in your community
  • Not sure if the community is configured correctly
  • No real feedback from any members or students
  • The community seems to require too much of your attention

What We Do?

  • Review your community sales page
  • Review your new member sign up form
  • Review your signup emails
  • Review of your discussion topics
  • Review benefits of peer accountability and learning
  • Review of the navigation system and supporting links
  • Review of speed, latency, layout, responsiveness
  • Review of your downloadable member’s only content
  • Review of links to courses, products
  • Review chats, discussions, comments
  • Review of real-time notifications and email updates, as well as round-up emails
  • Review of unsubscribe process
  • And much more…

How We Work Together?

  • Use a survey to collect information about you and your business
  • Review your company, industry, niche, products, services, blog, and social sites
  • View your course information and membership community
  • Research your specific challenges, concerns, and goals
  • Analyze every aspect of each of your (current or potential) membership community
  • Build an expert report of your community including problems, warnings, and suggestions
  • Deliver our written report to you electronically
  • Email support for 30 days of clarifications and additional questions
  • Guarantee our service with revisions and refund options
  • Post action check-in after 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months

Get Your Community Ready For Growth!

For $49.99 we can help you confirm your community is functional, makes sense to your students, and ready to grow.