Analyze Your Online Class Materials

Improve Your Class Materials To Premium Content Level

Your course materials help your students succeed and create future referrals for your course. We can help review and improve all of your course materials. This analysis will include a thorough report about each of your student documents in your course.

Who Is This For?

  • Solo creators and entrepreneurs that need feedback
  • Little or no real customers have taken your class
  • Not sure if the course materials are helpful and error proof
  • No real feedback from any students

What We Do?

  • Review title page & branding
  • Review spelling, grammar, idioms
  • Review all titles for accuracy, readability, understandability
  • Review all pictures and diagrams
  • Review all text for structure, clarity,
  • Review for unfamiliar acronyms and abbreviations
  • Review citations and quote attributions
  • Review rights and attribution for any third party images
  • Review page numbers & footers
  • Review all links are working
  • Review confidential & copyright statements
  • And much more…

How We Work Together?

  • Use a survey to collect information about you and your business
  • Review your company, industry, niche, products, services, blog, and social sites
  • View your course information, content samples, and materials
  • Research your specific challenges, concerns, and goals
  • Analyze every aspect of each of your (current or potential) course materials
  • Build an expert report of your materials including problems, warnings, and suggestions
  • Deliver our written report to you electronically
  • Email support for 30 days of clarifications and additional questions
  • Guarantee our service with revisions and refund options
  • Post action check-in after 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months

Get Your Materials To A+ Quality Today!

For $49.99 we can help you confirm your course materials are professional, error free, and add value so you can charge premium prices.