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Course Content Audits

Review Class Like A Student Analysis

Verify that your new class is working well by having us take your class and report on any issues during every stage including sales page, signing up, logging in, taking classes, reviewing study guides, completing surveys, and leaving a review.

Course Curriculum Analysis

Create the best course outline using the right names, descriptions, lessons, previews, quizzes, and course materials. Prospects often scan the outline before making a purchase, so offering a solid curriculum is critical for course sales.

Workbooks & Study Guides Analysis

We can help you review all your course materials to make sure your content is professional, easy to understand, and error-proof.

Student Community Analysis

Check that your students or members can get into your community and perform all the key functions like log in, browse discussion topics, ask questions, leave comments, and get email notifications.

Course Technology Services

Course Platform Settings Analysis

Verify your platform settings are configured correctly and set to the ideal settings for your course, team, and students.

Audio, Video, Server Analysis

Ensure that there your instructional media plays back with highest quality available so that customers don’t experience buffering, background noise, unstable cameras, bad lighting, and more.

Device Compatibility Analysis

Know that your courses look correct and function on a wide range of device form factors like phones, tablets, and desktops, as well as on all the popular operating systems and browsers.

Email Settings Analysis

Operate your classes without any hiccups by guaranteeing that your student emails are getting delivered reliably and quickly. We also proofread every email from signup to completion.

Course Marketing Services

New Course Validation Analysis

Increase the probability of success and reduce the chance of wasting time and money by researching your students and competition.

Sales and Landing Page Analysis

Improve your course sales page conversions with a thorough analysis that identifies specific suggestions to get more sales now.

Course Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis

Verify that your course can be discovered by search engines and that the keywords used by your prospective students lead them to your course.

Sign-Up Process Analysis

Help remove leaks in your sign-up process, so that the majority of your course prospects get all the way through and become a new student.