Course Audio, Video, and Server Analysis

Fix Your Media Problems

Your course may utilize video, audio, and various internet servers in order to sell and deliver your course. We can help verify that your video has no buffering issues, audio is crystal clear, and your servers are have great performance. This analysis will include a report about your core platform server performance and media quality for each of your lessons. It will document any warnings and provide suggestions so that you can charge premium prices while providing industry leading quality to your students.

Who Is This For?

  • Solo creators and entrepreneurs that need feedback
  • Little or no real customers have taken your class
  • Not sure if the course is configured correctly
  • No real feedback from any students
  • Students will access your class from a variety of international locations
  • Students may access your class using different devices types and browsers

What We Do?

  • Test accessing your landing page from various networks
  • Test accessing your class from a variety of networks
  • Test from wifi, wired, and mobile broadband
  • Test each of your lessons for video quality
  • Test lessons for media control – pause, skip, forward, rewind
  • Test each of your lessons for audio quality
  • Analyze lessons for speaker ums, background sounds
  • Test on different browsers
  • Test on different device types
  • And much more…

How We Work Together?

  • Use a survey to collect information about you and your business
  • Review your company, industry, niche, products, services, blog, and social sites
  • View your course information, content samples, and materials
  • Research your specific challenges, concerns, and goals
  • Analyze every aspect of your course audio, video, and server performance
  • Build an expert report of your media quality including problems, warnings, and suggestions
  • Deliver our written report to you electronically
  • Email support for 30 days of clarifications and additional questions
  • Guarantee our service with revisions and refund options
  • Post action check-in after 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months

Get Your Media Streaming In High-Definition Fidelity Today!

For $99.99 we can help you identify any media or internet quality issues so that you can sell and charge for the highest quality courses.